What is debt management?


Debt Management

Debt Management is a service that helps people struggling with multiple debts by bringing those debts into one single payment each month. It is therefore an ideal solution that makes these multiple payments much easier to manage and can, over time, improve your credit rating and help you get debt free.

What are the benefits of debt management?

  • One monthly payment is much easier to manage than multiple payments.
  • Your monthly payments will become more affordable.
  • You have only one company as a point of contact.
  • A debt management plan can be flexible.
  • We negotiate to freeze the interest on your debts making them easier to pay off.
  • You can prevent going further into debt.
  • You can relax knowing that your creditors will no longer chase you for payments.

Is debt management right for me?

A debt management plan is perfect for someone trying to regain control over multiple unsecured debts. Dealing with multiple debts can be incredibly stressful, something as simple as a change in circumstances can take its toll and push you further into debt. That’s why we’re here to help.

We’ve helped thousands of people who have been chased by their creditors regain control of their debts. We speak to your creditors and negotiate an affordable payment plan, acting as a intermediary, meaning you don’t need to deal with them yourself.

Our advisors are here to offer you honest, no obligation advice with no upfront fees. Applying is simple, either fill out our online application form or call us on 020 8010 1534


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