Frequently Asked Questions About Debt

What is Debt Management?

  • Debt management does exactly as it suggests, it manages your debts. At debt free advisor we would provide consolidation help through a debt management plan which would allow you to reduce your outgoings and save money on a monthly basis. We negotiate with your creditors on your behalf and replace your current unsecured debt repayments with one affordable payment. We also negotiate to freeze all of the interest and charges on your debts helping you to get debt free quicker.

What is an IVA?

  • An IVA allows you to consolidate large amounts of debt and reduce them into one manageable monthly payment. It can help many people save money and reduce their outgoings but it is not right for everyone. Call us on 020 8010 1534 to find out more, or use our Debt Solution Finder.

Do you just help people who are struggling?

  • No. At NW Debt Advice we understand that you may just be looking to save money because you feel you are paying too much interest or you just want more cash in your pocket to spend on life’s little luxuries! Whatever your reason for consolidating we can provide friendly advice on the best way to reduce your outgoings.

Can you help me save money?

  • Yes! If you have current credit commitments we can provide consolidation help and advice to find the best way to save you money. Use our debt solution finder to get a fast and free assessment on your debts.

Can you help anybody?

  • At NW Debt Advice we can help people in most circumstances whether you are a homeowner or tenant and regardless of credit rating. The type of consolidation help you qualify for and the best way to get debt free will depend entirely on your circumstances. Our advisors will take your personal circumstances into account and help you find the right solution to reduce your outgoings.


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